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Deciding to buy a home is an exciting time in our lives, but it can also be overwhelming. Allow me to take some of that burden off of you. Whether you’ve owned before or are first time buyers, I will provide all the resources and guidance you need to find your next home whatever stage of the process you're in.


Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to know what you are doing. When it comes to anything related to the sale of your home, you can count on me to guide you through every step of the process. Book an listing appointment today!


Leasing is a great alternative if you're not ready to purchase a home. There are a lot of details and it too can be overwhelming. Rest assured, I will take all steps necessary to make the process as seamless as possible. Regardless of your situation, I will always have your back. If you have any questions, simply just reach out!

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Aiming to Please

I am dedicated to building and maintaining everlasting relationships with people I have worked with. Below are a few testimonials from those I’ve helped or have worked with in the past. Take a look!


Ok... where and how do I start. Before taking a minute of your time to read this (if you make it to the end) I would strongly suggest just giving Ganesa a call if or whenever you’re interested in buying a home... just call her, start there. Let me expand.
I’ve met Ganesa while working as an expatriate in Africa, she was my go to person for all visa/onboarding related issues. Anyone who’s had experience going through this process knows it’s tedious and daunting to say to least. Often whenever there any challenges there would be a breakdown in communication when things aren’t heading in the right direction. Never have I experienced this with Ganesa! She would always be honest and timely even when the situation was unfavorable. Always!
She moved on to another career and ironically (or spiritually directed) I saw her profile on LinkedIn as a realtor in a state not to far from where I wanted to purchase a house. She was the first person I contacted! She immediately informed me that she wouldn’t be able to assist in a professional space as my preferred location was out of her jurisdiction. However she insisted that she’ll help me along the way if ever I need her assistance call/text. Just a side note, I’m a first time homeowner and new to the US real estate market on the whole. Ganesa followed up and contacted some of her fellow realtors and made sure I got someone with the qualities I was seeking to conduct my business with.
Everything was going fine up until the last couple of weeks towards closing. My inspector had to be rescheduled due to delays in construction caused by hurricanes (Laura and Delta). To make matters worst, due to increase in home sales within my area inspectors where in high demand. My immediate realtor looked long and hard to get one however all her efforts were futile. Nevertheless I called Ganesa on Saturday night (Thanksgiving weekend) to ask for her assistance to find an inspector in my state for a house scheduled to close on Wednesday. Again she was honest and let me know that this was like finding a needle in a haystack. However on Sunday evening she returned my call and informed me that she was able to find a guy who will be there on Monday with a report completed on the same day for review. This was God sent! Coupled with perseverance and just knowing who to call and what to do to get people to commit on short notice.
I would like to close by saying this ‘ in any business you would find people who know their job and people who have a job. Being a professional cannot be turned on and off... it’s a personality and a reflection of a your character’. You will always find people who will appear to be nice only until they get your business... then there are people who will genuinely put themselves in your shoe to help you through. Ganesa I could confess has been like that from day one. You would enjoy having her in your corner especially with your most valuable investment. Keyword ‘Enjoy!’
Again.... just give her a call.

Atiba Francis

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Ready to get started or not sure about what you really need? I’m available to help whatever stage you’re at. Just give me a call, text or email.


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